Sony SmartBand Talk & SmartWatch 3 @Sony

Sony, Sony Smartband Talk, Sony Smartwatch 3After much ado about the topic: Sony is set to double dutch with powerful releases from Samsung, LG, Motorola and others with the unveiling of a two-part smartwatch drop. The Japanese brand has just unveiled its SmartBand Talk and SmartWatch 3 to the market, aiming to create an activity-focused option for users of wearable technology. Both products work in conjunction with Lifelog, Sony’s app that churns everyday movement data into digestible health information. The SmartBand Talk is built with a microphone and speaker, linking seamlessly with phones – useful when the device isn’t readily available. Elsewhere, the SmartWatch 3 represents the first in Sony’s range of wearable tech to be specified to work with Android Wear updates. It’s a competitive item as well, boasting 4GB of internal storage and showcasing a 1.6” 320×320 TFT LCD screen. Enjoy this first look at Sony’s latest innovations above, then head over to the brand site to read Sony’s full statement.


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