Apple Provides Tips for Ex-Android Users Making the Switch to iPhones

Apple, Iphone, AndroidWith an estimated 4 million iPhone 6 pre-orders in its first 24 hours of availability, Apple prepares for a large wave of new users into the iPhone spheres. Easing the transition for former Android users looking to make the switch, Apple has provided a step-by-step tutorial to transferring your data in a number of ways. Highlighting the power of apps to ease this transition, Apple explores the different methods of saving and transferring photos, music, and documents across the smartphone platform. For example, the use of iTunes can seamlessly transfer all your previous data like documents and books via WiFi so no cables are required, while the use of apps such as AT&T Mobile Transfer enables users to synchronize all existing contacts and calendars to their new iOS devices. As for files in the music and video category, programs like Android File Transfer will quickly synchronize all these files to your iTunes library, which can then wirelessly transfer onto an iPhone via WiFi again. Read the full informational here as we anticipate the arrival of the iPhone 6.

Author: Steven Suh


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