Size? Breaks Down the Meaning Behind New Balance’s Numbering System @newbalance @sizeofficial

New Balance, Size?, FootwearBehind every serial code on a New Balance label is a very particular numbering system, and being able to understand its intricacies can reap benefits for anyone. As Size? explains to us, every serial code is comprised of 6-7 digits, which can be divided into three parts. Using the example code M1500BWG, the first part of ‘M’ signifies the style, in this case being men’s as opposed to ‘W’ for women’s or ‘U’ for unisex. ‘CM’ or ‘CW’ are especially pertinent, as they signify custom-made models for exclusive collaborations. The second part is the model number, with ’15′ being the level of performance and ’00′ referencing the performance series. The higher the number, the higher the caliber of the shoe. The third part is the colorway, where ‘BWG’ would stand for black/white/grey. To read the rest of the article and for more information, head on over to Size?


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