Bitplay SNAP! 6 Transforms the iPhone 6 into a Convenient Point-and-Shoot

Photography, Bitplay, Mobile, Iphone 6, Bitplay Snap! 6In an age where mobile photography is one of the fastest growing niches in shooting, Bitplay adds depth to the urban shooter’s repertoire with its newest case. Designed for the iPhone 6, the clever SNAP! 6 case was ergonomically designed to better fit the contours of the hand, helping to stabilize shots. At the side of the case is a clearly-designated ‘shutter’ button, at the opposing end is an insert slot for the interchangeable lenses. Users can also opt to add a wrist strap to the case, executed by Bitplay in smooth leather. $65 USD gets you a starter kit, which includes your choice of lens, colored case, and wrist strap, all of which are set to ship in December. Check Bitplay’s Kickstarter page for information on how to get your hands on this nifty new unit.


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