Jeff Koons “Hulk Elvis” Exhibition at Gagosian Gallery Hong Kong @JeffKoonsStudio

Art, Jeff Koons, Gagosian Gallery, Gagosian Hong KongJeff Koons‘ 2007 Hulk Elvis solo exhibition is set to make its debut at the Gagosian Gallery in Hong Kong on November 6. Featuring canvases depicting his signature blow-up balloon figures set against schizophrenically busy arrangements of color and form, the artwork denies any resting place for the eye, thus creating the assumption of randomness when in fact the images are created in a highly exacting fashion. In portraying these mundane objects as high art subjects, Koons thereby comments on the aesthetic hierarchies that form the foundation of our everyday worlds. Says Koons, “Hulk Elvis represents for me both Western and Eastern culture, a sense of a guardian, a protector, that at the same time is capable of bringing the house down.” The exhibition will run until December 20 at the Gagosian Gallery’s Pedder Street location in Central, Hong Kong. For more information, click here.


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