Hong Kong Investors Look to Acquire Reebok from adidas for $2.2 Billion USD @adidas @Reebok

Reebok, Adidas, Footwear, Acquisitions

Ever heard of Jynwel Capital? Chances are you may not have, but the private equity investment and advisory firm’s recent interest in placing an impressive bid of $2.2 billion USD on heritage athletic brand, Reebok, might get you familiarized. According to reports from likes of the Wall Street Journal, Jynwel Capital is being helped by funds associated to the Abu Dhabi government.

Since 2006, Reebok has been owned by the world’s second-biggest sporting-goods company, adidas. However, this recent advancement could see them transition away. It is suggested thatReebok will retain its strategic standpoint and use the influx of funding to drive aspects of marketing and retail expansion. Should the bid be successful, we can certainly expect an interesting and fruitful future for the brand.

Author: Adam Mark Barnard


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